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Working in the sex industry can be lonely. 

Sometimes we're secretive and don't tell anyone what we're doing, for one reason or another. Maybe we're struggling with the stigmatized nature of sex work. Maybe we need to hide our involvement to stay safe. Maybe we just want our privacy. 

We might have friends in the business. We might not. We might not have anyone who really understands what we're doing and why we're doing it. Maybe we have confided in someone who made us feel judged, or asked inappropriate or insensitive questions. Maybe we were 'outed' and are now reluctant to engage with new people. Maybe too many people didn't listen to what we really needed or wanted them to hear. 

This is where peer support comes in. 

Everyone at CASH is a survivor. Our backgrounds and experiences are diverse, and we acknowledge and respect the diversity of our clients. We know what it's like to be treated like our feelings, opinions, and choices don't matter. We also know what it's like to want to make a change without knowing where to start. All of us once had someone reach out to us, and now we want to reach out to you. 

When you come to our center looking for support you might be surprised when we ask you what you need. Sometimes it's housing, sometimes it's help finding health care. Sometimes it's a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, or someone to validate their feelings. Sometimes it's a hot meal, a fresh pair of socks and a big bag of condoms. Sometimes it's help getting back home or moving on to a new life. Sometimes it's just a place to relax and unwind. Whatever it is, we want to provide it, or help you find it. 

We have no agenda outside of helping you and other women in the life feel safe, supported, and cared for. Our services are free and confidential, and our only expectation is that everyone in our center is treated with dignity and respect. 

We're here for you, Monday through Friday 1-5. Give us a call at 856-2900 for more information. 


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