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I am at the point where I am truly ready to stop because I am falling apart inside but at the same time I am so scared. I started this out of survival mode and have been able to keep a roof over my head and more for over two years I have never saved even when I was doing extremely well +24K win at San Pablo casino.
Now I am not saying that I have to have everything and I am not a princess by any means it's just taking that leap, facing my past head on such as PTSD, co dependency, depression and anxiety
A little about me
I was trapped in a ten year marriage with a extremely controlling ex husband and it was so bad that I attempted suicide and was finally relocated with the assistance of a battered women's shelter. I have two adult son's from my first marriage who want nothing to do with me because they blame me for not leaving. I also have a 13 year old son from this marriage that is with his father, the battered women's shelter said that if he was safe then it's the best thing for him right now
I have not spoken to any of them in over three years and it is getting worse every day
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